Bumpband An essential item in any pregnant womans wardrobe
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"Award Winning Bumpband® Maternity Band is a maternity wear must-have for every pregnant woman whatever your style, age or size."

A Bumpband maternity band can be worn from the very early stages of pregnancy right up until the end and during post-pregnancy. Our Bumpband belly band provides excellent pregnancy support for expectant mothers.

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Bump Band


So have you ever heard of a bump band reader…? I get varied answers, personally I have been familiar with them for quite some time, having had three children I would have found each pregnancy a struggle with out mine. I was recommended to buy a bump band during my first pregnancy, being told all kinds of things about them I was two minds whether to bother, my first thought was that they are useless, a silly product someone invented to make a bit of cash. It wasn`t until I tried my first one that my opinion totally changed. My bump band helped me in many ways, the main advantage for me was that it allowed me to carry on wearing my old clothes and not have to spend a fortune on maternity wear, I found it looks just like a top underneath other clothing and it even hid the top of jeans allowing me to wear them unbuttoned and they still stayed up. When wearing mine I found my bump was being supported and constantly held up, this made it more comfortable to walk and allowed me to continue with my day to day life, it even grew with my bump. Many of my friends have also used one during their pregnancies and got as much out of it as I did.


Maternity Band


It was a friend of mine who first introduced me to a maternity band, feeling very optimistic about using one I gave it ago and loved it. The maternity band was the answer to a lot of my problems during my pregnancy and after borrowing hers for just one day I immediately got online and ordered a few for myself. The maternity band helped me in many ways but one which affected me the most was its ability to lift and support the growing bump, I was very worried my back would suffer and after having back problems in the past I was afraid I would end up with serious issues, however the unique upward stretch in the fabric allowed me to move around easily and comfortably giving me no hassle at all. It made walking easier and I even felt more confident in myself. Keeping the bump tucked in nicely the band almost protected it and stopped it from hanging out of my clothing. The band proven to be very practical it even grew with my bump, ensuring it kept that snug, tight fit. I would now recommend the maternity band to anyone, being so cheap and useful I would have been lost without it in my pregnancy.


Maternity Wear


I have had two children now and during both of my pregnancies I have bought all of my maternity wear online. I think this is because it is much easier for me. In both of my pregnancies I have not had a big bump until there are just a few months left and my stomach shoots out, I become very ill, tired and crave the most craziest things. So when I need maternity wear I am in no fit state to go browsing around a shopping centre I would much rather do it from the comfort of my own home and not have to worry. I never try clothes on anyway so the fact I am unable to try the maternity wear on before I buy it does not sway my opinion, I find nicer clothes online and I have also found that the prices are much better then that from the high street stores. I get lots of complements on my maternity wear which always helps me to feel better, on the days I don`t even want to get out of bed a simple outfit I bought online can make all the difference and make me look glamorous again, enhancing the areas of my figure I want to show off. So in my time of pregnancy I can still feel sexy, glamorous and have that fashionable look. Designed & Developed by Web Design Liverpool