Bumpband An essential item in any pregnant womans wardrobe
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Customer Feedback

Hi, I just received your bumpband, which I ordered yesterday - what fab service!

I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have been suffering with sciatica and abdo pains and wish I'd bought this sooner! I've only been wearing it for about half an hour but can already feel the benefit of the extra support helping the aches and pains!

I also bought this product to cover my tummy after the birth when breastfeeding - will save lots of money on specialised breastfeeding tops as will be able to wear my pre pregnancy clothes over the bumpband - genius!


“Hi. I just wanted to write a quick thank you email to Bumpband. I used your Bumpband while pregnant with twins after seeing them for sale at the Excel show in London earlier this year. I was doubtful of their effectiveness with a twin bump, but I was amazed to find it really helped and took a lot of pressure off my back and legs - I was suffering from both SPD and sciatica at the time!

Thank you very much again!”

(Emily Wright, Mum to Emelia and Felicity - now 12 weeks old)


“What a brilliant idea! Bumpband is great, I can wear it with almost anything. It is comfortable, holds me in, in all the right places and just looks like I have got a T shirt or vest underneath my top and I have not as yet felt the need to buy any maternity clothes.”

(Sharon, Fashion Buyer, Manchester)


“Why has someone not thought of this before? I am pregnant with my third child and could have done with one of these the last two times. I am now nine months and have been wearing a Bumpband since the beginning of my pregnancy. It has hidden my unbuttoned trousers and I have been able to wear my own clothes right up until now which, would have been far too short. The good thing is it looks just like I am wearing a vest underneath my top, it is also very comfortable and has saved me a fortune! Bring it on! More colours though please!"

(Naomi, London)


"I can't believe this hasn't been invented sooner! What a difference such a simple product made to my whole pregnancy, I wore it from about 8 weeks onwards and I hardly had to buy any maternity clothes, I just wore my normal clothes with the bumpband round the middle so nobody could tell my jeans were undone! But the best bit is the support it gives you-as soon as you pull it on your bump feels safe and gently supported but it's so subtle that you get a surprise when you take it off again and realise how heavy your bump actually is...

AND AN ADDED BONUS-I am breastfeeding my son and am still wearing my bumpband even though he's 3 months old because when I'm out and about it feels so much more discreet to feed him without my post-pregnancy tummy on display. It's absolutely worth it's weight in gold".

(Angela Smith 37 years old - Mother of Elliot (3) and Lucas (3 months), Formby, Merseyside)


"I am a size 16 and was a bit sceptical at first. I was not that keen on maternity clothes as I felt them to be a bit 'tent' like on me I thought I would try it anyway.

It is brilliant, I cannot say a bad word about it, it held me in, in all the right places, felt really comfy and you could not tell I had a band on, it just looked like a top under my normal clothes. After my daughter was born I wore it for 3 months whilst feeding and then another two months after that until I had lost my baby weight, in fact I am now down a dress size and it still feels nice to wear if my top happens to be a bit short.

(Carol, Fife. - Mother of Charlotte 20 months)


"Bumpband was like my secret best friend, it gave me confidence to wear my own clothes (without any embarrassing side spills), support and comfort for my ever expanding tummy."

(Julie, Cheshire - Mother of Guy 22 months)


"I think bumpband is a fantastic idea. It will appeal to pregnant women of all shapes and sizes. My daughter wore her bumpband from the early stages through to the end of her pregnancy and highly recommends it as a 'must have' for every pregnant women!"

(Joyce Russell, Midwife)


"Bumpband has been great both during and after my pregnancy. It gave me the chance to wear so much of my existing wardrobe during my pregnancy. It looked great with everything and was really comfortable. I was amazed to see that it seemed to 'grow' along with my expanding bump. Since I've had my baby, I've found wearing my bumpband helps me avoid any embarrassment of flashing too much flesh while breastfeeding. I loved my bumpband and would recommend it to every pregnant lady!"

(Amanda Russel, 30 years old, Mum to Callum 22 months and Jack 4 months)


Please feel free to email your own feedback. info@bumpband.co.uk